An intelligent care platform that works for you.

Core Work Manager

Transform the EHR into a secure, user-friendly clinical collaboration hub that combines personalized content and workflows with enhanced care team communications and actionable data insights. Clinicians can access critical data to support efficient rounding, oversee discharge readiness, and conduct safer, more efficient handoffs.  




Providers save 45 minutes daily on
pre-rounding prep and rounding using Core Work Manager

CORES Platform provides the data you need at exactly the right time

Core Mobile & Notify

Core Mobile & Notify links clinicians to the Core Work Manager from their mobile devices and combines a data-rich optimized view with real-time, provider-centric notifications with automated escalation. It’s more than just a convenient set of tools—it’s an information ecosystem that bridges the EHR-to-mobile gap.



70% of residents reported better sign-out quality

Real-time provider-centric notifications to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  

Core Diabetes

Dysglycemia and diabetes affect every unit within a hospital, raising risks of complications and increasing costs. Core Diabetes is a comprehensive inpatient glycemic control solution, designed to support system-wide adoption of a standards-based approach to best practices for safe insulin ordering and administration.




Reduced overall insulin errors by 20%

Enhance efficiency and promote patient safety without sacrificing clinical judgment

Core Interdisciplinary Rounds

Interdisciplinary rounding leads to better communication and collaboration between clinicians, improved care coordination, and decision-making that centers on patients and their needs. The Core Interdisciplinary Rounding Checklist combines structured rounding with better data accessibility and intelligent workflows so that hospitals, clinicians, and patients can reap the benefits. 

Streamline interdisciplinary rounds while improving quality and safety