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CORES Platform Solution Delivery & Technical Support

Who We Are

Client Solution Manager

Cari Crooks

I want to help provide a more straightforward approach to the EHR to improve communication and efficiency amongst clinicians in order to enhance patient care and safety.

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Integration Architect

Aidan Hume

Electronic health records continue to be a backwater of old technology and slow workflows - and we can do something about that. We are able to quickly innovate and fix issues that have challenged providers for years, and it is incredibly satisfying being a part of a nimble organization that responds rapidly to our users’ needs, due to our technology and decades of collective experience.


Now, I spend my time gliding between client systems and getting to know the incredible variety of ways EHRs have been deployed. It is really a privilege to get to quickly innovate/fix/help many organizations make their systems more useable and useful to their providers. Going from "hmm that's an interesting idea - maybe we can help with that" to "here is the working model" to "it has been deployed in production and user's love it" in a matter of days or even hours is incredibly satisfying and fulfilling. I am very lucky to work in a job that matters and in a company that cares and can really make a difference.

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Integration Engineer

Lupe Hinojosa

We are able to tailor our solution to fit the needs of our customers and pass the limitations of the standard EHR Environment. Doing this we are able to simplify provider workflow to help improve the quality of care the organizations we partner with provide.

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Client Solution Manager

Blair Minson, MSN, RN

“The complexity of patients and their medical care continues to significantly increase over time. Clinicians are faced with rising pressures to improve all aspects of patient care, including safety, communication, efficiency, effectiveness, and timeless. Our team provides solutions to help navigate the complexity of healthcare and alleviates added pressures by enhancing patient safety and quality of care. I am excited to contribute to the success of our organization and share our commitment to achieving your organizations goals.”

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