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Core Work Manager

Clinical teams have rapid access to real-time speciality specific data, when they need it.  Critical patient health data to organize rounds, assess and manage care, convey discharge readiness, and conduct handoffs.  Workflow defined by clinicians on your Core Work Manager patient screen.

Desktop to mobile,
synched real time for
up-to-the-minute patient data.

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Core Notify

Link your EHR with smartphones for clinician-created alerts and notifications that allow the end user to set thresholds and recipients. Care Team defined alerts for continuity and collaborative patient care.

Standard of Care
with evidence based, dynamic
clinical decision support.

CORES was built to make your EHR work
the way you do.

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Core Mobile

Clinicians are on the move each shift. Your Care Team will have access to patient- and specialty-specific curated content from your EHR at the swipe of a finger on their mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

Goal-driven smart alerts defined by your Care Team.

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Core Diabetes

Dynamic clinical decision support allows for the consistent application of evidence-based practices to maximize patient safety and clinical outcomes. Core Diabetes provides critical decision support directly integrated into doctors' and nurses' workflow.

Your CORES Platform

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Your Care Team has the patient health information where they need it, on: 

  • bedside on laptops

  • desktops at stations

  • smartphones

  • tablets 

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Your Care Team has

 what they need,

when they need it, to:

  • manage their patient list

  • organize rounds

  • convey discharge readiness

  • conduct handoffs


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Your Care Team has rapid, real-time access to patient health data that enables:

  • better decision-making

  • coordinated care

  • best practices



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